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#974 | Cowboy Boots Set Applique
Let’s get some Southern Style!!

Cowboy boots are never far from the fashion radar.

Create these Designer Cowboy Boots Applique designs for your projects.
You can make patches, make quilts or add them to bags and clothing items

The possibilities are endless. Be sure to get many compliments from Boots lovers!
You can be very creative using pieces of leather of faux leather and suede fabrics to make them look like real boots.

There are 10 Boots Designs in this set.

Cascading Swirls Cowboy Boots
Size: 5.72" x 7.80"
Stitches: 25022
Hoop Size: 6x8 Hoop

Drops of Jupiter in Blue Boots
Size: 5.86" x 7.50"
Stitches: 24384
Hoop Size: 6x8 Hoop

Gypsy Dreamer Boots
Size: 5.87" x 7.10"
Stitches: 26205
Hoop Size: 6x8 Hoop

Gypsy Grunge
Size: 5.22" x 7.81"
Stitches: 27033
Hoop Size: 6x8 Hoop

Honey Embroidered Boots
Size: 5.85" x 7.65"
Stitches: 28301
Hoop Size: 6x8 Hoop

Maple Leaf Overlay Boots
Size: 5.64" x 7.79"
Stitches: 22225
Hoop Size: 6x8 Hoop

Plumsugar Daisy Boots
Size: 4.95" x 7.78"
Stitches: 18015
Hoop Size: 6x8 Hoop

Robin Cognac and Turquoise Boots
Size: 4.57" x 7.81"
Stitches: 23029
Hoop Size: 6x8 Hoop

Sandy Paisley Jane Boots
Size: 5.87" x 7.67"
Stitches: 19796
Hoop Size: 6x8 Hoop

Sweet Paisley Bone Boots
Size: 5.84" x 7.76"
Stitches: 27232
Hoop Size: 6x8 Hoop

You will receive your designs in the following formats with the color sequence chart



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