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#903 | Delicate Rose Lace Extentions
For the 7x 11 Hoop

Double Daisy Rose

Stitches :22631
Size: 6.91"x 6.02"

Are you guilty of looking in your closet and uttering the famous words..... "I have nothing to wear! "?
If the answer is yes, than it is time to talk seriously about tank tops and stretch lace extensions.
These shirt lace extenders are so versatile you can make it unique to your style.
Tank Tops are freely available and comes in a variety of colors to pick and choose from.
We all know that the tank tops we purchase are usually too short and don't cover what we want them to cover.
This modern designed extenders will be your wardrobe's new best friend !
You will embroider the lace by following the instructions that you get with your pattern file. Every step is photo illustrated.
You will need Tulle in an appropriate color and matching threads for the pattern. the pattern was designed to give you a basting stitch guideline block which makes it simple to align the next block with the previous one.
Although the pattern is designed to embroider a continuous pattern each unit can also be used as free standing on whatever you want to embellish.


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