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#807 | Woodlands Critters Color Me Pretty
Fabric to use for project is 100% cotton; a good brand of bleached or unbleached muslin, poly blend, or tone on tone all work well. You can use white, off-white, or pastels. Keep with the light colors, as the darker colors will show through your coloring.

This is so easy! Embroider the design of your choice onto fabric and color them with Crayola wax crayons. To make the crayons permanent on the fabric iron the fabric between 2 layers of brown paper to absorb any excess wax. Use cotton setting on your iron press the design 10 seconds on each spot. Do not scorch your fabric. If it becomes necessary to wash, we recommend to hand wash in cold water using quilt soap. Lay flat to dry.

You will receive your designs in the following formats with the color sequence chart and step by step photo illustrated instructions.


You will receive 2 sizes of each design. Total of 20 designs in the package. This set it for the size 5x7 and 6x10 hoop.

These designs look so classy on any project and you can enhance them with fabric coloring pens for some fun colorful designs.

Bonny Bunny 5x7
Size: 4.41" x 6.94"
Stitches 3404

Bonny Bunny 6x10
Size : 5.78"x9.09"
Stitches: 4404

Darcy Deer 5x7
Size: 6.95"x6.95"
Stitches: 3667

Darcy Deer 6x10
Size: 5.74" x 9.43"
Stitches: 4866

Flying Bird 5x7
Size: 4.84"x4.95"
Stitches: 3820

Flying Bird 6x10
Size: 5.93" x 6.07"
Stitches: 4560

Hearty Fox 5x7
Size: 4.37"x6.96"
Stitches: 4208

Hearty Fox 6 x 10
Size: 5.85"x 9.31"
Stitches: 5388

Hot Balloon Bear 5x7
Size: 4.55"x6.99"
Stitches 4605

Hot Balloon Bear 6x10
Size: 5.92"x9.09
Stitches: 5737

Love Bird 5x7
Size: 4.84"x5.00"
Stitches: 4335

Love Bird 6 x10
Size: 5.98" x 6.17"
Stitches: 5163

Mr Winterfox 5x7
Size: 4.74"x5.16"
Stitches: 5623

Mr Winterfox 6x10
Size: 5.93"x6.45"
Stitches: 6758

Polly Pumpkin 5x7


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