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#792 | Fabric Burgundy African Violets


The Perfect Flower.... The Perfect Gift...
Designed for 3-D Flower Lovers .

With this brand new concept and the use of a combination of widely available fabrics, 3-D Flower making will be fully accessible for every embroiderer on the globe!

- What you see - here is 3D applique!

This is exactly what our 3D Organza and Poly Cotton flowers are. We combine poly cotton and organza to make the most beautiful flowers which looks like the real thing. - The solvy between the two layers - gives the ability to shape the flowers and fixates the petals and leaves in a natural way.

The combination of organza and poly cotton saves up to 70% of embroidery threads as well as time spend to do full embroidery

The end product is a light weight, strong fraying free flower which can be washed if necessary and reshaped.

You only have to follow the illustrated step by step instructions to 3D this wonderful pot of African Violets. Your shopping list consists of poly cotton and organza, stamens fishing line and embroidery threads.

You will receive your designs in the following formats with the color sequence chart and step by step photo illustrated instructions.


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