#551 | Bahati African Lady 2
You will receive your designs in the following formats with the color sequence chart and step by step photo illustrated instructions.


This exotic traditional dress in vibrant colors is the incorporation of surviving cultural dresses, with elements from modern fashion and West African traditional clothing, to create a uniquely traditional style. The 2nd of 12 ( for the quilters) ladies is Bahati with a finished size of 16-+ " x 6-+" (42cm x 16 -+ cm.).
As for some of our other projects we are using very simple but effective techniques. The project is done in two 7 x 11 hoops. The head and torso(applique) is done on the actual fabric rectangle.
The head part ( applique) is done on one layer fabri solvy/ wet' n gone between two layers organza then cut out and ironed on to the bottom. The fabri solvy gives us a slight bubbly effect on the applique of the skirt. -
These beautiful designs are ideal for quilts, wall hangings, cushions, skirts and as a framed picture.



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