#294 | Misteltoe the Christmas Fairy
You will receive your designs in the following formats with the color sequence chart and step by step photo illustrated instructions.


A dream of fairyland is a wonderful distraction from the weariness of the everyday life. The Mistletoe plant is a symbol of love and of peace, and whoever stood beneath this plant would be offered a kiss and will forever be protected. I am the Mistletoe Fairy who offers a kiss to anyone who relaxes under the Mistletoe. Embroidering this 13" high fairy in the 5 x 7 hoop will be a fantasy experience which will take you back to your childhood. She is the perfect fairy for your Christmas tree! Snowy is the part of a collection of designer fairies for machine embroidery. She is approximately 13 inches tall. Step-by-step photo illustrated instructions are included. Collect them all and look out for their special pets and many more designs coming in the 3D Fairyland range.

Complete Size of Mistletoe is 4.21" x 13"
Stitches: 5170
Size: 5.84" x 4.21"

Stitches: 38796
Size: 4.34" x 6.89"

Stitches: 38515
Size: 4.34" x 6.89"

Left & Right arm Front
Stitches: 4429 -
Size: 2.69" x 3.88"

Left & Right Arm Back
Stitches: 2900
Size: 1.54" x 4.04"

Mistletoe Right & Left Leg Front
Stitches: 6628
Size: 1.17" x 6.69"

Mistletoe Right & Left Leg Back
Stitches: 6447
Size: 1.17" x 6.69"



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