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#293 | Snowy the Fairy
You will receive your designs in the following formats with the color sequence chart and step by step photo illustrated instructions.


Once upon a time there was a fairy named Snowy. She was a beautiful fairy that brought warmth in the heart of the cold winter. When she spread her wings and fly over the snowy trees and mountains she drops little snowflakes of love and happiness. Be sure to invite her into your home when you make her out of faux lather or vinyl material, threads and organza.Snowy is the part of a collection of designer fairies for machine embroidery. She is approximately 13 inches tall. Step-by-step photo illustrated instructions are included. Collect them all and look out for their special pets and many more designs coming in the 3D Fairyland range.
Stitches: 5682 -
Size: 5.84" x 4.21"

Snowy Front
Stitches: 29931
Size: 4.31" x 5.82"

Snowy Back
Stitches: 26019
Size: 4.31" x 5.82"

Snowy Front Legs
Stitches: 21777
Size: 3.68" x 6.89"

Snowy Back Legs
Stitches: 22626
Size: 3.68" x 6.89"

Snowy Left & Right arm front
Stitches: 7139
Size: 1.85"x 3.97"

Snowy Left & Right Arm Back
Stitches: 6563
Size: 2.39" x 3.70"

Snowy Belt Front
Stitches: 3310
Size: 2.70" x 0.81"

Snowy Belt Back
Stiches: 2783
Size: 2.69" x 0.83"

Completed size of fairy: 4.21" x 12.8"


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