#236 | Guinea Fowls

Pride of South Africa

Size: 3.53"x6.58"

Stitches: 15392


Size: 3.91"x3.85"

Stitches: 14659


Guinea Fowl 1

Size: 2.20"x6.33"

Stitches: 11898


Guinea Fowl 2

Size: 3.53"x6.58"

Stitches: 15392


Guinea Fowl 3

Size: 2.72"x6.57"

Stitches: 13325


Guinea Fowl 4

Size: 3.45"x6.79"

Stitches: 16023


Guinea Fowl 5

Size: 3.22"x6.53"

Stitches: 14029



Size: 2.22"x5.71"

Stitches: 14407


Guinea Fowl

Size: 3.79"x0.78"

Stitches: 2022


Pappus Large

Size: 2.58"x2.58"

Stitches: 1901


Pappus Medium



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13 Years

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Flowers are the best! But there is, however, one shortcoming; they wither!! They fade after a few days after all the joy they induced. That’s the reason why we at Embroidershoppe endeavor to break out and cultivate ever blooming 3D lifelike flowers in the embroidery hoop to eradicate the thing called "fading".

Not a resemblance of a flower but real flowers that will never whither! We will take you every step of the way to embroider your "forever blooming" favorite 3D flowers! Yes you can!
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