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#1728 | Frangipani String Lights
These beautiful flowers -- which grow in shades of pink, red, yellow and white appear in clusters at the end of branches and have a very distinctive fragrance. Some claim that frangipani flowers are one of the 10 best smelling flowers to be found on the globe. You can thus be sure that you will always be in good company when you surround yourself with frangipani flowers. Since the flowers smell best at night it is sensible to make beautiful string lights to enhance your surroundings.
The good news is that you can use these frangipani flowers, not only for string lights, but also for embellishment of garments, purses, Alice bands etc. Instead of a led light in the center you can use a bead or fake pearl or any sequence you have. You can be very creative with these beautiful flowers.
You will need Organza, Satin, threads, the Burnsy, Water Soluble Stabilizer and a string of lights


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