#1719 | Patch Making Kit
Everything you need to turn your embroidery into patches !!

Did you know that you can use any color Organza to make embroidery patches? The Organza is acting as a stabilizer and you wont see it once your patch is done !!

We picked a HOT PINK Fuchsia Organza for you to make Patches.

What will you receive in your Patch Making Kit ?

1. The Burnsy ( Your professional Heat Burning Tool for Embroidery )
2. Heavy Duty Water Soluble Stabilizer 60" x 2YRDS
3. Patch Bond 3 Rolls of 12"x50"
4. Hot Pink Fuchsia Organza 60" x 3 YRDS


5. You get a $70 voucher to buy some patch designs.
Once you purchase your kit, you can send us a message with the designs you would like to be added to your account for instant download.

Thats a $85 SAVING !!!

Get it now and be ready to make Patches !!!



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