#1195 | The Burnsy
A hot soldering iron and a fine piece of organza in the same sentence? Only if you understand the language!
At Embroidershoppe we understand the indispensable utility of the burning tool. However, we encountered uncomfortable basic problems such as:
- the packaging container soon becomes torn and worn,
- the flimsy stand quickly gets loss
- and the work surface can easily burn if it falls off the stand.
That's how we eliminated these shortcomings.
- A sturdy branded cylindrical container with a double-purpose locking plug on one side on which the stand is neatly mounted and concealed when the lid is retracted.
- There is only one thin tip suitable for all melting needs on synthetic materials such as tulle silk and organza.
At first glance it is clear that one has to do with an exceptionally elegant piece of embroidery equipment here; a burning tool with its own name: THE BURNSY. An addition to the sewing room that will really makes you proud




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