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#1156 | Fox Couple Applique
This is a set of super cute Foxy Applique Designs!

Use them in your projects from kids clothing to quilts and have fun using beautiful fabrics.

You will receive 8 designs in this set:

Size: 6.99"x1.74"
Stitches: 6141

Couple on Bike
Size: 7.77"x5.56"
Stitches: 30748

Curly Arrow
Size: 6.98"x 2.23"
Stitches: 3039

Fox Crown
Size: 4.77"x 7.04"
Stitches: 12761

Foxes in Love
Size: 6.46"x 5.75"
Stitches: 23140

Foxy Prince
Size: 5.89"x 5.78"
Stitches: 15655

Size: 5.92"x 5.01"
Stitches: 7454

Hot Air balloon Foxies
Size: 4.17"x 7.80
Stitches: 25581


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