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#1148 | Patches Cat Applique
This cat is too large for my hoop, you would think!
We proudly present this beauty for the 9" x 14" hoop. The great news is that we combined a couple of simple techniques to embroider the cats in two or three parts in 2 or 3 different hoops without multi-hooping. The main body part is stitched out on a base fabric in a 9"x 14" hoop the other parts are being stitched out on organza and soluble stabilizer which will give you a super thin applique and then ironed on to the body with a hot iron without steam. Nobody will be able to tell the difference between the flat embroidery and the applique.
Our step by step photo illustrated instructions make this design very simple to make.
You can use these large cats on pillows, in quilting, etc..

The cat will measure approximately 16.02" x 9.88" or 407mm x 251mm after assembled.

Patches Body
Stitches: 37 984
Size: 12.86" x 9.30"

Patches Head
Stitches: 23 831
Size: 9.28" x 7.57"


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