#1140 | Cluck Norris
You will receive your designs in the following formats with the color sequence chart and step by step photo illustrated instructions.


This Cluck Norris rules the Roost!
One of 12 colorful Rooster Designs, Rooster designs has come home to roost. The designs were inspired by the request of a quilting lady
We proudly present this beauty for the 6x8 hoop. The great news is that we combined several simple techniques to embroider the Rooster in four parts in 4 different hoops without multi hooping. The tail is appliqued with poly cotton on organza and soluble stabilizer and then ironed on to the body.
Our step by step photo illustrated instructions makes this design very simple to make. .
Frame it for the kitchen, use it on cushions.

The chicken will measure 8.59" x 9.81" or 218.1mm x 249.1mm after assembled.

Chicken Head
Size: 4.85 "x 5.33"
Stitches: 25898

Chicken Tail
Size: 5.00"x7.00"
Stitches: 23589

Chicken Body
Size: 4.83"x6.81"
Stitches: 16021

Chicken Wing
Size: 4.54" x 4.17"
Stitches: 3812



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