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#1092 | Organza Hibiscus Embellishment
'Do it yourself ' people will always endeavor to add visual appeal to their apparel.. The beautification of a garment does not have to be complicated. This beautiful design of simple Hibiscus organza flowers gives elegance and flair to any garment, pillows and other textiles. This design is not an ordinary embroidery picture but an embellishment, independent and ready for use. All you need is to follow the step by step instructions that will take you to the top, and let you enjoy the hundredfold reward of admiration and appreciation for your creative abilities.

Designs included for the 4x4, 5x5,6x6, 8x8, 9x9 and some 8x10

You will receive your designs in the following formats with the color sequence chart


Hibiscus Trio 5x5 Size: 4.98"x4.63" Stitches: 10999
Hibiscus Trio 6x6 Size: 5.76"x 5.34" Stitches: 12601
Hibiscus Trio 8x8 Size: 7.89"x7.31" Stitches: 16968
Hibiscus Trio 9x9 Size: 8.87"x 8.23" Stitches: 19071
Hibiscus 5x7 Size: 6.65" 5.09" Stitches: 9322
Hibiscus 6x8 Size: 7.72"x5.88" Stitches: 10785
Hibiscus 8x10 Size: 9.31"x 7.09" Stitches: 12972
Hibiscus 8x11 Size: 10.37"x 7.93" Stitches: 14477
Hibiscus 5x7 Size: 5.21"x 3.90" Stitches: 7308
Hibiscus Single 5x5 Size: 4.94"x 4.98" Stitches: 7124
Hibiscus Single 6x6 Size: 5.74"x 5.64" Stitches: 8262
Hibiscus Single 7x7 Size: 6.92" x 6.81" Stitches: 9979
Hibiscus Single 8x8 Size: 7.70" x 7.61" Stitches: 11121
Hibiscus Single 4x4 Size: 3.87"x3.74" Stitches: 5590
Monstera Leaf 5x7 Size: 4.55"x 6.98" Stitches: 12899
Monstera Leaf 6x8 Size: 5.05"x 7.76" Stitches: 14247
Monstera Leaf 8x10 Size: 6.41" x 9.85" Stitches: 17833
Monstera Leaf 4x4 Size: 2.52"x 3.87" Stitches: 7430
Tropical Leaf 6x10 Size: 5.56"x 9.86 Stitches: 21177
Tropical Leaf 5x7 Size: 3.98"x6.98" Stitches: 15173
Tropical Leaf 6x8 Size: 4.40"x 7.77" Stitches: 16758
Tropical Leaf 4x4 Size: 2.20" x 3.87" Stitches: 7538


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